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Company details
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Ticker: HL.
Sector: Asset Managers
Index: 3%
Date joined: 18-Jun-07
EO %: 8.0
Accounts: Jun-12
Revenue (£m): 266.2
Employees: 693
Ownership Attributes
Employees - individually %: 6.5%
Employees - through a trust %: 1.5%
Directors %: 52.5%
External shareholders %:
SAYE (Yes/No): Yes
SIP (Yes/No): Yes
CSOP (Yes/No):
EMI (Yes/No):

Company description

Hargreaves Lansdown PLC is a provider of investment management products and services to private investors in the United Kingdom. The Company offers a range of investment products, investment services, financial planning and advice. The Company's flagship service, Vantage, is a direct-to-private investor fund and wrap platform. Vantage offers clients the administrative convenience of being able to hold and manage their investments, including unit trusts, open ended investment company, equities, bonds, investment trusts and cash, irrespective of the tax vehicle, in one place with consolidated valuation reports. The Company also provides investment management, independent financial advisory and stock broking services to private investors and advisory services to companies in respect of group pension schemes. In addition to offering externally managed investment products, it manages funds through its own range of multi-manager funds and PMS.

Employee ownership description

The company is the leading platform for retail investors. It operates both HMRC approved all-employee share plans SIP and SAYE and states that 85% of eligible employees participate in one or both of these schemes. Although still 52.5% owned by directors and founders, it estimates that a further 8% is owned by non-director employees. An EBT owns around 2.1%, of which two thirds is likely to be transferred to non-director employees. Nothing will better encourage employees to look after the long term future of the company than being shareholders themselves. (Annual report 2012)

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