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Adding, Deleting, or Editing a Company

Contact us if you believe the details shown about a company are inaccurate.


This is the three or four character identifier attributed to the stock listing by the London Stock Exchange.


This is the company's trade sector, based on the FTSE taxonomy.


This is the Employee Ownership Index to which the company belongs.

Date joined

This is the FTSE quarterly review date at which the company joined the Index.


This is the percentage of the issued ordinary share capital owned directly by, or indirectly on behalf of, employees other than main board directors. If there are multiple classes of ordinary share, the percentage represents employees' proportionate economic interest in the company rather than proportionate voting rights, which thanks to the different share classes may be different.

The summary employee ownership tables on the home page group companies together by the following four ranges of employee ownership: (1) 50% or more (2) 25% up to 50% (3) 10% up to 25% (4) 3% up to 10%. The summary page for each company may give further details of the ownership structure (e.g. trust or individual or tax-approved scheme such as SIP), the extent of ownership (i.e. the approximate % of employees included in ownership) and, where known, the identity of other owners, such as directors and major external shareholders.


This is the last financial year end for which accounts have been published.

Revenue (£m)

This is the last available year's annual revenue in £ millions to the nearest £0.1m, consolidated in the case of groups of companies.


This is the average number of full-time equivalent (FTE) employees in the year corresponding to the revenue figure. It is disclosed as a note in the company's accounts.


This is the company's main website from which further company information can be obtained, including contact details where published.


There are two statuses: (1) Pending. This means some data is awaiting confirmation by the company. (2) Confirmed. This means all data has been confirmed by the company in the last 18 months as being accurate.


This is the free format section for each company containing a summary of the company's business and further details of its employee ownership structure.

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