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Company details
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Ticker: LIO
Sector: Asset Managers
Index: 3% and 10%
Date joined: 31-Dec-02
EO %: 15.0
Accounts: Mar-12
Revenue (£m): 16.8
Employees: 49
Ownership Attributes
Employees - individually %: 5.0%
Employees - through a trust %: 10.0%
Directors %: 4.9%
External shareholders %:
SAYE (Yes/No):
SIP (Yes/No): Yes
CSOP (Yes/No):
EMI (Yes/No): Yes

Company description

Liontrust Asset Management PLC (Liontrust) is a specialist fund management company providing portfolio management services. Liontrust manages United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and markets equities for professional and private investors. These are managed in segregated institutional accounts, United Kingdom unit trusts, Dublin UCITS funds, offshore funds, individual savings accounts and hedge funds. On June 30, 2011, the Company sold its credit business, including its credit team to Avoca Capital Holdings (Avoca). On October 4, 2011, it purchased the fund management business of Occam Investment Management (Malta) Limited, Occam Asset Management LLP and Occam Investment Services Limited (together Occam). On April 12, 2012, the Company acquired Walker Crips Asset Managers Limited. In June 2012, Walker Crips Group plc disposed of its interest in the Company.

Employee ownership description

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